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Glengoyne distillery tour
Glengoyne WhiskyWithin easy reach from Glasgow, Loch Lomond and Edinburgh, Glengoyne Scotch Whisky Distillery is open all year round and offers a range of tours, all of which can be accommodated by Glasgow Taxis Ltd.

Whether you opt for the short Distillery Tour to taste and see the magical process that goes into producing Scotland’s ‘national drink’ or spend more time with our guides at one of the advanced tasting tours, your trip can be adapted to allow time to take in splendours of the surrounding countryside.

The Glengoyne Distillery Tour is without doubt, a whisky lover’s dream.

We start your tour, in Glasgow, from your hotel and take you on a short tour of the city centre, showing and explaining to you the famous sites that are on your doorstep. Our qualified guides will provide you with all the background information you require as you pass through the wonderful city of Glasgow and head off to the Glengoyne, reputed to be Scotland's most beautiful distillery. (Tours commencing in Greenock will not include a tour of Glasgow unless previously arranged.)

Owing to its location being only some fifteen miles from Glasgow city centre, our Glengoyne  Distillery Tour provides you with options to see more of central Scotland or you can spend as much time as you wish, touring the distillery and enjoying ‘a wee refreshment’ at the ‘Slainte Mhath’ Shop.

Glengoyne Distillery offers a range of guided tours that take you behind the scenes at the distillery and give you an amazing insight into the production of Scotch whisky.  (Please note that due to safety legislation open-toed or high-heeled shoes are not permitted within the Whisky Distillery.)

Glengoyne Whisky

The most popular tours we recommend from Glasgow are detailed on the right.

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home_large_bulletTour cost

From Glasgow City Centre £120 (£140 from Ocean Terminal, Greenock). Tour costs are per five-seater taxi (six-seater available on request). Admission costs are per person and are separate from tour costs. They are payable, as listed below, to Glengoyne Distillery on arrival. (Allow 4 hours including travel time from Glasgow, or 5 hours including travel time from Greenock).

home_small_bulletThe Glengoyne Tour
£8.50 per person

The definitive tour round the place where it all happens; slowly. Enjoy a Glengoyne 12 Year Old, overlooking our waterfall and glen. Witness men doing very little as they nurse the spirit through our swan-necked copper beasts. At Glengoyne the clocks have no hands. Each tour includes a £5 off voucher for any Glengoyne 70cl. The tour lasts 45mins.

home_small_bulletThe Wee Tasting Tour
£11.00 per person

Just like above, but with an additional tasting of Glengoyne-18-year-old Highland Single Malt Whisky. Two great drams and an hour of fun. The tour lasts for 1 hour.

home_small_bulletThe Gold Medal Parade
£22.50 per person

A distillery tour including tastings of our 12 Year Old, Cask Strength, 18 Year Old and 21 Year Old, the four Glengoyne’s awarded seven Gold Medals at the last two industry “Oscars” - The International Wine and Spirit Competition and The San Francisco World Spirits Competition. See for yourself what the fuss was about. The tour lasts for 1½ hours.

home_small_bulletWhisky & Chocolate Matching £22.50 per person
A delicious insight into what happens when world class Single Malt Whisky and chocolate collide.
Enjoy a dram of 12 Year Old and all the fun of the Glengoyne tour, followed by a unique whisky and chocolate experience. We’ve paired our luscious 15 Year Old and multi-award winning 21 Year Old with four handmade Nucoco chocolates, to create a memorable sensory session. The tour lasts for 1½ hours.

home_small_bulletMalt Master Tour
£55.00 per person

Create your very own, unique Glengoyne Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky.
This unique experience lets you create YOUR Glengoyne, the way YOU want it. After a tasting of Glengoyne 12 Year Old and an in-depth distillery tour, it’s off to the Sample Room to assume the role of Honorary Malt Master. Taste 10ml samples from five very different Glengoyne 1997 casks and experience for yourself the effects that oak species, cask manufacture and previous fill have on the spirit, before constructing your own, unique, Cask Strength, Un-Chill Filtered Glengoyne 17 Year Old. Leave the distillery with a spring in your step, a 200ml bottling of your one-off creation and a clearer understanding of the crucial role our own Malt Master plays in making Glengoyne Highland Single Malt Whisky. Unavailable elsewhere. The tour lasts for 1 ¾ hours.

home_small_bulletNo1. Warehouse
£75.00 per person

Wield your dug. Dip two casks. Drink the drams. Bottle your favourite.
After enjoying a Glengoyne Cask Strength whilst gazing over our waterfall and an in-depth distillery tour, you will enter the hallowed No.1 Warehouse, armed with your dipping dug. So called because they were “man’s best friend”, the dug was once used by the wily warehouseman to dip casks surreptitiously. Plunge your dug, pull two healthy drams from a 1st Fill Sherry cask and 1st Fill Bourbon barrel and retire to a safe haven for leisurely oral analysis. Now for the tricky bit – it’s back to No.1 Warehouse to select which cask from which to draw enough to fill your 200ml bottle, which we’ve rather thoughtfully included in the price. An additional bottle from the alternative cask is available for £50.00. The tour lasts for 2 hours.

home_small_bulletThe Master Class
£125.00 per person

The most in-depth and comprehensive distillery tour in Scotland.
Unique to Glengoyne, the Master Class offers the most in-depth and comprehensive distillery tour in Scotland. This specialised tour includes a visit to the Glengoyne warehouses which are not normally open to the public and explores the key areas of whisky making in some depth. This experience includes tastings of Glengoyne 12 and 18 year old Highland Single Malt, 3 Glengoyne Single Cask whiskies and 5 sherry samples. Guests will have the opportunity to create their very own Glengoyne Highland Single Malt in the whisky Sample Room. A light lunch is provided. At the end of the visit, guests are presented with a 200ml bottle of their one-off creation and a Master Class certificate. The tour lasts for 5 hours.