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Army reserve salutes Glasgow Taxis for support

Glasgow Taxis Ltd has received a special commendation from 6th Battalion (6SCOTS) of the Army Reserve after being presented a handcrafted clock in recognition of its support for Reservists and ex-servicemen and women.

In a relationship spanning multiple decades, Glasgow Taxis Ltd has been an avid supporter of the armed forces, both full time and reservists, and has been actively involved in initiatives such as Supporting Britain’s Reservists and Employers (SaBRE), providing work experience opportunities to Reservists and those returning from duty.

SaBRE is a Ministry of Defence campaign tasked with promoting a positive relationship between members of the Army Reserve and their employers. It works impartially on behalf of both military and civilian communities and was created to help employers, particularly small businesses, understand the role and skills of Reservists and increase their support for Reserve Forces employees.

The handcrafted wooden clock, which incorporates the Army’s slogan ‘Be the Best’, was designed and sculpted by a former soldier and was presented to Glasgow Taxis Ltd by Lt Colonel Sandy Fitzpatrick of 52nd Lowland, 6th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland (6SCOTS).

Stephen Flynn, vice-chairman of Glasgow Taxis Ltd said: “We are humbled to receive such a gesture from 6SCOTS and are delighted to be involved with one of the country’s most important organisations.

“The people of Glasgow and Scotland are hugely indebted to the work of the Armed Forces and we will continue to provide their personnel with as much support as we can through initiatives like SaBRE and any other means.”

Lt Colonel Sandy Fitzpatrick of 52nd Lowland, 6th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (6SCOTS) said: “Glasgow taxis have championed the very idea of community engagement with the Regular and Reserve Army. They have made an outstanding contribution over the last few years, I am therefore honoured to be presenting them this engraved clock in recognition of our appreciation. The Reserve Army and in particular our battalion the 6th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland have really benefitted from Glasgow Taxis not only from our employer and Reserve relationship but also through advertising on the side of their taxis. Currently the Reserves are recruiting, it has never been a better time to join as we will be pairing with Regular Units shortly, so the training, equipment and opportunities are going to become more exciting. Search join the TA or call 08456008080 and you could find yourself developing new skills, getting paid to soldier and pushing yourself to the limits all on a part time basis away from your main career. We have had many examples; Glasgow Taxi employees included who have managed very exciting careers whilst also having a rewarding time in the Forces. It’s never been a better time to join and I fully recommend it.”

Jim McVicar of SaBRE said: “I’ve had a close working relationship with Glasgow Taxis for 40 years and the military for 20 and I know first-hand, how much support the Taxis have offered 6SCOTS and how grateful the Battalion is for their efforts.

“Myself, in my role with SaBRE, and my 6SCOTS counterpart, Sgt Major David McFarlane, have worked closely to maintain the strong relationship between the two parties and we are certain it will continue to blossom in the future.”