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Mobile Phone (IVR) Automated Booking System

Cabcall Mobile Phone Automatic booking system allowing you to automate the taxi booking process by hooking into our dispatch system.

How Cabcall’s IVR works

When a customer calls our main number 0141 429 7070, they are greeted with an automated welcome prompt. The system checks for the caller ID.

If the system identifies the customer, they are walked through a series of prompts to book a taxi for their preferred location and time.

If the system does not identify the customer, they are transferred to a live operator.
You can register your favourite locations to your mobile phone, Home, Work, Airport Etc.

Fill out the form below or our call centre will be happy to register them for you.

IVR Features

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Reads back the customer’s pick-up address using text-to-speech
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Recognises historic bookings made by each customer
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Ringbacks provide customers with the status of their booking
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Ringbacks allows the customer to cancel an existing booking.
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Ringbacks sends a message to your driver, that your enquiring about their taxi.

Glasgow Taxis Cabtext


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Send an SMS to

0758 332 7070

Cabtext is Glasgow Taxis SMS Automated booking service to let you book your taxi via text message on your phone. This is only for pre-registered Cabtext locations.

Customers using Cabtext in some public places will see a sign instructing them to text a keyword e.g. Boden to the Cabtext number. A docket number is generated for you and you are told where to wait for your cab.

TEXT A TAXI features

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Customised pick-up remarks for each booking

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‘Customer can text “Where” to check if booking has been accepted by one of our cabs

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Customer can cancel their booking by text

This service can be set up for any location E.g. Student accommodation, Hotels, office receptions, hospitals, doctor’s surgeries. Look out for our advertising at your location or contact Glasgow Taxis Ltd, to have any location set up for TEXT A TAXI.

Please email us to find out more.

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