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Welcome to the Drivers’ Homepage of the Glasgow Taxis website.

Here you’ll find a range of information to help you with your day-to-day taxi business and keep you in touch with new developments.

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AGM 2017

AGM 2017 will be held on Monday, 27 March 2017 at the Crowne Plaza. The date has been brought forward in response to suggestions from members that the date be moved to avoid a clash with school holidays. Further to this, the rule changes voted for at AGM 2016 have now been incorporated by Financial Conduct Authority. Please remember that any items for inclusion in the agenda for AGM 2017 must be with the Secretary 42 days prior to the AGM (Monday, 13 February). Elections for Board of Management will take place in 2017 and again nominations must be submitted 42 days prior to AGM 2017.


Equipment upgrades

As well as the recent equipment upgrades in vehicles, new computer servers have been installed at the base in preparation for the new booking App going live (see below). Changes have also been made to the voice channel with new ‘Send message’ options and improved coverage due to SIM card use.


New App

The new App will allow customers to link a credit card to their account which will bring us in-line with competitors. The App also uses a new mapping system, to improve accuracy of bookings, and there are a host of other benefits which we hope will be well received by customers.



We have successfully retained the Glasgow City Council schools contract for the next three years and have also secured the Scottish Government Contract. Contrary to rumours, the number of permanent bookings has shown a slight increase on last year. This school term work has been covered well, with more mobiles available at peak times, and we would ask you to please keep up the good work. It is your company.


Liveries and corporate branding


The yellow flag livery has been continued onto supersides in our efforts to strengthen the brand and create a fresh new look. Please support the coporate branding effort by keeping all required livery displays, such as credit card and telephone number signage, in good order. Workshops will replace any damaged and worn signage.

The recent survey of workwear colour selection has revealed that black and blue were the preferred options. We are currently liaising with our supplier so updated clothing will be available in due course and rolled out over an extended period so that members and drivers are not financially penalised by the changes. In the meantime please assist your company by presenting a positive image in relation to workwear.

Business cards, and holders, are also available at the base and we’d ask all members and drivers to hand out as many as possible to customers to help generate work for your company. Get our brand in their hand!


Digital presence

We are undergoing a review of our social media presence and reviewing our digital marketing strategy to allow the company to grow into the future. Specific groups and events are being used to pilot some new approaches and more news will follow on this subject. Please look out for offers, competitions and event specific promo codes.


Forthcoming events

01–02 October – Great Scottish Run, Glasgow Green
08 October – Scotland v Lithuania, Hampden
14 October – Jean Michel Jarre, SSE Hydro
24 October – Nickelback, SSE Hydro
27 October – Justin Bieber, SSE Hydro
04 November – MOBO Awards, SSE Hydro 


Driver Records

A number of the information forms that were circulated with the minutes of the AGM have still to be returned. Please take the opportunity to return these to admin during the radio upgrade.

We require to gather this data to make sure all records kept are current. When collated any mobile that has not returned the data form will be subject to countdown.


Level of Service

It is common knowledge that our trade is going through challenging times. The general opinion of trade bodies throughout the country is that we must maximise the levels of service that we provide. It is absolutely critical that we do not pick and choose when good service is provided. The level of rejected jobs during busy periods is major issue and is undoubtedly damaging the company. We cannot abandon regular customers, many of them account holders, in favour of a quick buck. City Centre Hotels have complained bitterly about the levels of service we are providing particularly when the city is hosting major events. We must safeguard the future of our business. There is enough external threat without us damaging the business from within. Please assist YOUR company.


News Digest:

  • Glasgow Taxis Ltd has purchased two vehicles for its fleet – as more members buy in on a single-shift basis we need to continue to ensure the city is covered 24/7 with as many double-shifted taxis as possible
  • We continue to receive praise for drivers dressed smartly in company uniform and continue to encourage all members to ensure the use of GTL workwear while on shift
  • A dozen office staff will take part in this year’s Glasgow Kiltwalk to raise money for their chosen children’s charities; if you are interested in joining them let us know and for more information visit www.thekiltwalk.co.uk
  • Following complaints made about litter at the Gartnavel rank we ask all drivers to continue to use bins at that and all sites across the city and thank you for your ongoing support
  • You will hopefully be noticing a number of GTL adverts on big signs across Glasgow as we continue to promote our services and unique selling points which set us aside from the opposition
  • The annual Glasgow Taxi Outing Fund trip to Troon will take place on Wednesday, 15 June – more details to follow nearer the time.
  • And finally, one of our main channels of communication to customers is our Twitter feed – @Glasgow_Taxis – please follow, RT and comment to help us present GTL and its drivers in the best possible light





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