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eCabcall Online booking platform

Glasgow Taxis customers do not need an app to book a taxi online. eCabcall is an internet booking service.

Glasgow Taxis will customise a web experience for your company that will allow you to manage your bookings online.

How eCabcall works

Customers, whether they’re members of the public or corporate clients, can register online by providing a few simple details. They then have access to a personal profile allowing them to manage multiple pick-up addresses and destinations. Customers can log in using any device whether it’s a personal computer, tablet or Smartphone, and handle their bookings with ease.

eCabcall Features

for one-off bookings
(no registration required)

Login or register

Register here
Registered Users, Cash or Account cutomers


Benefits for registered users

A personalised experience that keeps the customer’s addresses and history in one convenient location that they can access anywhere, anytime

Fare estimation using your dispatch system

Check on the status of a booking or cancel a booking from any device

Reporting for customers, exportable to PDF or Excel spreadsheets

Template bookings for high turnover clients such as hotels and businesses

Fast booking mode for hotels


If you require any more information about eCabcall please email ecabcall@glasgowtaxis.co.uk or call our administration office on 0141 554 2222.

Account Activation for registered users of eCabcalll, please fill out our activation form below, alternatively email the details to ecabcall@glasgowtaxis.co.uk
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Cabcall Automated Phone Booking

(IVR) Interactive voice response Great for Hotels, Restaurants any Business

When a customer calls our main number 0141 429 7070, they are greeted with an automated welcome prompt. The system checks for the caller ID. If you’re a business you can have Table, Room or Docket numbers on your automated booking, this speeds up the booking process, no more waiting on the phone for your staff at busy times.

If the system identifies the customer, they are walked through a series of prompts to book a taxi for their preferred location and time.

If the system does not identify the customer, they are transferred to a live operator

IVR features

Ringbacks provide customers with the status of their booking and allows them to cancel an existing booking

Support and customisation for high turnover customers such as hotels, receptions and restaurants

Generates docket numbers for public venues and busy locations



Mobile Phone (IVR) Automated Booking System

Find out more

Reads back the customer’s pick-up address using text-to-speech

Uses your booking history

Register your favourite locations

If you require any more information about eCabcall please email cabcall@glasgowtaxis.co.uk or call our administration office on 0141 554 2222.