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Glasgow Taxis Ltd is in the process of negotiating a contract with UK Fuels to give members a fuel discount calculated on a weekly basis. UK Fuels is a leading provider Fuel Cards and has the widest selection of fuel cards at the most competitive prices.

UK Fuels is a market leader in providing fuel card solutions to business and commercial fleets. UK fuel cards aim to reduce fuel costs for your business – no matter what type of fleet you run and claim to find the right fuel card solution for every user.

Whether your business is run with one car or twenty, managing your fuel receipts can be time consuming and costly. UK Fuels will provide a discount on forecourts and petrol stations from over 6500 sites including Shell, Texaco, BP, Esso, Total, Jet, Morrisons Supermarkets and Murco. Whats more, cards are free and there is no contract or joining fee. To apply to join the scheme, call at our base in Boden Street and pick up an application form or log on to the UK Fuels web site via the link www.ukfuels.co.uk

The fuel discount is calculated and announced on Fridays for the following seven days and is dependent on the price of fuel. Discounts can be passed on to family members although only business use will attract tax/business allowance. You can find out more on UK Fuels by visiting www.ukfuels.co.uk