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Glasgow Taxis Ltd calls for increase in ranks and capacity in City centre

Glasgow Taxis Ltd is calling for an increase in the numbers of licensed ranks and overall capacity for its vehicles to maximise safety and security for those using the city centre.

The black taxi company, the biggest in Scotland and largest in the UK outside London, already helps manage four stewarded and CCTV-monitored Nite Zone ranks across Glasgow at weekends.

TV documentary “The Street”, which has been screening on BBC Scotland and focusses on Sauchiehall Street, has raised a number of issues regarding public safety, particularly at evenings and weekends when the area is at its busiest.

Now Glasgow Taxis, while acknowledging that the documentary – by its nature – does not paint the full picture of Glasgow city centre nightlife, says it can play a positive role in continuing to support public safety.

The company will now step up its campaign to gain more rank capacity on and near to Sauchiehall Street to give revellers as many opportunities as possible to secure a quick and safe journey home from their nights out.

Stephen Flynn, vice chair of Glasgow Taxis Ltd, said: “Sauchiehall Street is one of the busiest, if not the busiest, in Glasgow when it comes to the volume of people enjoying pubs and clubs in evenings and at weekends.

“We have a 10-vehicle rank outside The Garage which works very well but beyond that we’ve very little rank space to service the other pinch points, in particular further up Sauchiehall Street before the pedestrianized section.

“What we’d hope to achieve is increased rank space, at Holland Street and elsewhere, to help us serve the night-time economy and make sure Glaswegians, visitors and tourists can enjoy accessibility, speed and safety when using taxis, especially late at night.”

Glasgow Taxis Ltd added that it will now continue its engagement with Glasgow City Council with a view to securing more rank space.