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Glasgow Taxis Ltd gives students a lift

Students without cash will now be able to get home safely in a Glasgow Taxi, just by using their matriculation card.

Glasgow joins Manchester, Cardiff, Liverpool and a number of other cities from across the UK to join the Safe Taxi scheme. Through the initiative, Glasgow Taxis Ltd will work with universities and continue to make sure the late night trip home is a safe one for students. Even if they don’t have cash or debit card on them, students will now be able to guarantee payment with their matriculation card.

Last year, Glasgow Taxis Ltd introduced chip and pin, meaning customers can pay by card in the vehicle rather than having to travel to an ATM before or even during the course of their journeys.

Stephen Flynn, vice-chairman of Glasgow Taxis said: “The scheme has been hugely successful in a number of other cities and we are glad to be able to make it a reality in Glasgow.

“Students are a big part of Glasgow life and we are strong supporters of the university community, through the Glasgow Taxis cup – an intervarsity sporting competition between Glasgow’s three universities – and presence at Freshers’ Fairs.

“This new scheme will give both students, and our drivers, peace of mind.” Students will be able to access a Safe Taxi by calling Glasgow Taxis and quoting a code available from the university.

The student will then give the driver their student card, and repay the cost to the Students’ Union when they collect their card after one working day.

The Glasgow Safe Taxi Scheme will be run by Glasgow Taxis in partnership with the University of Strathclyde Students’ Association and Glasgow Caledonian University Students’ Association.

Gary Paterson, President of the University of Strathclyde Students’ Association, said: “We are delighted to be setting up a scheme with Glasgow Taxis to ensure there is a safety net in place for students who may, for many reasons, not have enough money to get home safely.

“Community safety is a big issue in this city, especially on nights out and particularly for students as we have sadly seen in recent months. This scheme won’t solve all the problems but I was keen to get it off the ground because it could be a real lifeline.“

“As one of the first cross-institution safe taxi schemes in the country, I am thrilled to see this city working together to prioritise safety in our communities, whilst we hope the scheme doesn’t need to be used often, this is a safety net for unexpected emergencies.”

Michael Stephenson, President of the Glasgow Caledonian University Students’ Association added: “Glasgow is a great city with a vibrant nightlife. From time to time students get caught out and end up walking home on their own. By working with the University, University of Strathclyde Students’ Union and Glasgow Taxis we hope the Safe Taxi scheme offers a safer alternative.

“Students from across the city make a valuable contribution to Glasgow and by working together we hope this builds on the partnership approach taken over the past few years in making Glasgow a safer place for everyone.”