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Glasgow Taxis Ltd: the licensed cabs with the yellow flags…

There are over 1,400 black Hackney taxis operating on the streets of Glasgow – and around two thirds of these are fully licensed “radio” cabs managed by Glasgow Taxis Ltd.

But did you know there’s a handy way to spot one of ours?

Here at Glasgow Taxis we believe in providing the best possible service to our customers and a vital part of this is ensuring each customer is able to place their full confidence and trust in our drivers – whenever and wherever they are travelling.

As such, to help you distinguish our fully disclosed, traceable and accountable taxi drivers from other “non-radio” cabs, we are offering a helping hand…with the #YellowFlag!

All of our Glasgow Taxis Ltd vehicles can be easily identified by small yellow flags on their roofs, allowing you to feel safe, secure and stress-free in the knowledge you’re in the best hands every time you ride.

So what are you guaranteed with all Glasgow Taxis Ltd #YellowFlag vehicles and drivers?

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All drivers have been vetted by Police Scotland, are licensed by Glasgow City Council and have passed a City Council test of their knowledge of the city
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All drivers are members of the PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) Scheme with Disclosure Scotland
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All drivers are also issued with a unique ID number, so that we know who is driving our taxis at all times 
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The maintenance programme for all taxis is strict, and every taxi is rigorously checked twice a year by the council 
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All taxi services are guaranteed to be covered by the proper level of insurance 
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All taxis are wheelchair accessible
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All taxis have 24/7 vehicle tracking 
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All our vehicles are equipped with the latest in radio and GPS communication technology, which means our controllers can maintain constant communication with drivers, who have a full range of satellite navigation options available at the touch of a screen. 

So if you’re looking for a safe, secure service just remember to… Flag the #YellowFlag!

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