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Glasgow Taxis Taxi School Section One

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Section 1 follows and includes, all Districts within Glasgow.



The full Dataset, is the Data required to pass the Glasgow City Council Topographical Test. The material is not definitive but is sufficient to pass the exam.

The City Council often change a small number of questions at each exam session, which introduces new material to the process. It is important you update GTL with any changes or anomalies which you detect at your exam session.

Section 1 follows and includes, all Districts within Glasgow. Within Glasgow you must know four street/roads within each district. So, the Districts are laid out with the District name, followed by the four streets/roads grouped into pairs. Auchenshuggle is a district and you must know the four streets/roads . For example:

  • Auchenshuggle
  • Dalbeth Rd or Braidfauld St
  • Easterhill St or Causwayside St

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